Acrylic Nails

Regular Fill $18

Regular New Set $28

Overlay New Set $28

White Tip New Set $33

Gel Liquid Fill $40

Gel Liquid New Set $50

Acrylic Gel Nails

Acrylic with Gel Polish Fill $33

Acrylic with Gel Polish Pink & White Fill $38

Acrylic with Gel Polish New Set $42

Acrylic with Gel Polish Pink & White New Set $47

Nexgen (Dip Powder)

Nexgen Color Overlays $33

Nexgen Color with Extension Nails $38

Nexgen Pink & White Overlays $43

Nexgen Pink & White with Extension Nails $48

Ombre New Set Overlay $48

Ombre New Set with Extension Nails $53

Manicure For Man and Women's

Regular Manicure $15

Regular Manicure with Paraffin $23

Manicure Gel Color $28

Manicure Gel With French $33

Pedicure For Man and Women's

ALL pedicure include lower leg, feet massage, sea salt, polish, and Hot Towel.

Regular Spa Pedicure $25

Full Spa Pedicure $32

Organic Spa Pedicure $45

CT Organic Spa Pedicure $55

Pedicure Gel $38

Smooth Body Waxing

Eyebrows $10

Chin $12

Lip $8

Underarm $17

Whole Face $40

Half Legs $35 & up

Full Legs $55 & up

Additional Services

Repair $3 each

Regular Color Change Hand $8 up

Regular Color Change Feet $12

Gel Color Change Hand $20

Gel Color Change Feet $25

French Color Change Hand $12

French Color Change Feet $15

Acrylic Nail Take Off $15

Take Off With Manicure $5

The Next Gel!

Healthy for our clients, safe for our environment.

Light Weight & Flexible
Strong & Durable
Long Lasting Shine
Water Resistant
Crack & Chip Resistant
Environmentally Friendly
Calcium & Vitamin E Fortifi